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Friday, September 29, 2006

Time to update...

So I am still running my challenge - from 0-10K. I am doing OK and have moved to cashgames -currently over at UB playing 6max NL25. I am following normal bankroll recommendations (I will move up/take shots once I have 20 buyins for the next level). I am currently somewhat underrolled for NL25 but I do not feel intimidated and I will move down if necessary.

I will try and post one interesting hand a day here starting today. Yesterday I started off real bad dropping 1.5 buyins both times doubling shortstacked donks up with top 2 vs. set.

So the hand in question I was really torn. I raise pf with ATh in the co and button calls. The flop is very nice for my holding...middle pair with nut-flush draw.
I pot the flop and 3/4 pot the turn but unfortunately I never get there.

The river check is really weak but I wanted to see how much he'd bet. I would probably have folded to a normal sized bet...but villain was the kind of player who acted weak when strong and vice versa. He liked to get his hands paid rather than having me fold....

So I don't know if my call is bad here or not but I sensed he was bluffing me. So after aganozing quite a while I make the call.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

On a fools errand! Read and watch me make an ass out of myself.

I posted the below challenge to myself roughly two weeks ago

So here's the deal.

I need to spice things up. So I have have cashed out 100% of my bankroll (except an uncashable $2 at Pokertime and less then $1 values all over the web...)

The only thing I have right now are cirka 870 fpp:s at Stars, about 200 points at UB and freerolls.

Here is my mission statement.

By August 1:st 2007 I shall have:

* 10K bankroll
* WSOP 2K7 main event seat
* at least 3 MTT cashes in the 4 figure territory
* cashed in a 20K guarantee at Poker.com
* Freeroll my way to the Aussie Millions through FullTilt

And I will do this without depositing a single cent. Or die trying. (I am allowed to take free money from sites etc.)
I will start an own thread for this in stats tracking and will also chronicle my downfall in my blog.

Come along for the ride.

And here's the current status

Just to recap from my post in announcements:
Here is my mission statement.

By August 1:st 2007 I shall have:

Goal Currently

* 10K bankroll $ ca 200

* WSOP 2K7 main event seat Nope

3 MTT cashes in 4 figures Biggest cash: $30

* cashed in a 20K guarantee at Poker.com Nope

* seat for Aussie from FullTilt Nope

This is from a zero bankroll - with a little fpps here and there.

So far I have won three freerolls and utilized those winnings. It's not looking great but it could be a lot worse. Stay tuned.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


My last signficant cash in an MTT was on New Years Eve...

Here I should have won but took a couple of ugly beats for forth...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A dude who is pretty good at the 20/180

Monday, June 19, 2006

The week gone by

...was pretty disheartening...I have ran bad bad bad at pretty much everything except for the 4/180's...henceforth referred to as the Mac'N'Chee at Stars. I have final tabled 2 out of 3 this week, but other than that the week was hugely -ev...

I think I know where the problem lies though...I am again straying from TAG paths and have been dabbling a little too much with playing LAG except in the MacNChee where I know to always play ABC, since people will happily stack off with middle pair...

I played the blogger tournament on Stars yesterday, got off to a great start (was in top 10 after about 45 minutes) but made one move that happened to run into a calling station. He couldn't let go of an overpair on a QQJ7 (3 hearts) board. He called my bluff down with KK... After that I went on monkeytilt and finished somewhere 550/2200...

Monday, June 12, 2006

Assorted gems from the weekend


The mrs. is at some work related shindy and I start up a set (3) of SNG:s on Stars while my son takes his midday nap.

Win 2, second in the third. +++

Friday evening:

Play everything I can find like a total moron, end up not hitting anything but an embarrasing "barely in the cash" in a $1 MTT and 3rd in a 45 man 10+1 all on Stars. I think I punted about 50-60$ of my Torunament dollars

Saturday: I deposit a little at UB and play Stud cash, and some MTT:S. Thanks to the Stud and my 100% deposti bonus I am barely breaking even.

I play the Poker.com BloggerTour and about 5 minutes in I run KK into AA.


I can't win a single pot basically. I play to WSOP freerolls at Stars and get horrendous beats in both. The second of the tournaments I get busted by the same guy runner-runnerign me in two consecutive hands with gutshot straight draws.

After some more getting owned I stop playing at about -$10 and just watch some big Sunday tournaments.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Playing bad > playing good

We had a long stretch of holidays here so didn't get to play much due to family visits etc. Anyway on Monday night I finally get set in front of the comp with a couple of beers and some scotch...(I usually don't drink and play but I had set an upper limit of $30 to loose in MTT:s / SNG:s).

So I start up one 4.40/180 and a double shootout to the Sunday million (both on Stars)...

I play real solid but somehow still manage to take a ridiculos beat in the 4/180 and find myself down to 120 in chips at the second level. I make the comeback of the decade and am back in the top ten with about 30 players left. I still bust before the money. The DS too I play real good and still don't win my first table.

So now it's around midnight and I am pretty drunk to be honest. I decide to rinse and repeat. And add an SNG at FullTilt since everybodyu knows that your multitabling skills increase proportionally with you alcohol intake.

Then about 15 minutes in to all three tournaments my ISP goes down for 10 minutes.

I totally kill the double shootout. I win my first table in no-time and end up with a 3:1 chiplead once the second table finishes (it stops with two left sionce there are 2 seats guaranteed). At the first table I promise the guy I beat HU his buy-in back...already sent it since I fear Karma.

The 4.40/180 I flop sets with like 75% of my pocketpairs. I crack AA with 33 and QQ with 88 and generally play real bad but still get there by sucking out. In the end I finish third.

I make it to HU at FullTilt by also flopping real good with my pp:s.

Moral of the story? err...Donkey players can win.

Then I decide to use some of the Torunament dollars yesterday (I unregistered from the Sunday million - I feel it's a huge waste of bankroll to play this for me - maybe when I have I much bigger roll...)

I play sober, solid and still end up not making a cent.

Play drunk and badly folks!